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Analysing Before a diamond is processed, a diamond may look like a dull piece of glass. So its Sorting & Processing & analysis is done.

Marking and sawing The second step in the diamond production process is the marking of the stone using 3D laser technology.Once marked,...a diamond is placed on a jeweller’s sawing spindle for the third step in the cutting and polishing process.

Blocking blocking establishes a stone’s basic symmetry by creating the first 17 or 18 facets. For some small diamonds the process stops here,...but larger diamonds go on to a specialist brilliante to have additional facets polished, adding to the brilliance and fire of the diamond.

Polishing polishing is the final stage of the cutting process. The diamond’s final facets are polished and shaped to ideal proportions ...and perfect symmetry in order for the diamond to reflect the maximum amount of white light. The more sparkle and brilliance a diamond has, the more beautiful it is, and the higher its value will be.

Final Inspectionthe diamond is graded based on the 4C’s and receives its official certification grade. In the U.S., the Gemological Institute of ...America (GIA) sets the standards for the grading.