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We operate a business model that revolves around loyal relationships with suppliers, clients, associates and colleagues. We believe that we will only achieve long-term success by fostering those relationships with unwavering trust, mutual affection and therefore the transparent exchange of valuable information.

We have our manufacturing unit in Surat, Gujarat. About more than 800+ skilled employees are continuously involved in the manufacturing process. Skilled labor, innovation, and excellence in craftsmanship are always worshipped. Hard work and supporting teamwork have helped in expanding the business internationally. We started our journey with small-scale manufacturing of pears and marquise shape diamonds. With hard work and team support, we expanded our business in the different hemispheres of the world. Today, Mital Mfg. Co manufactures seven fancy shapes lose diamonds which incorporate pears, marquise, rose-cut, ovals, emeralds, hearts, and further on the staircase of expanding the business more globally.


We are globally renowned for supplying substantial quantity diamonds based on trust and, therefore, the excellence of the standard quality. The Mital Manufacturing Company holds the position among the top suppliers of fancy shape loose diamonds globally. Providing excellence in products consistently and trust among the clients has been the key to climbing to the top in the industry.

Our goal is to achieve the perfect balance of supply and demand. We believe that successful opportunities are realized when the right product is presented to the right people at the right time. Knowledge, Experience, and Reputation are our fundamental assets; building a lasting relationship is our premier achievement.


1. Creating a business environment of utmost trust among all levels and functions.
2. Demonstrate full commitment, go after excellence and continuous improvement.
3. Develop and support legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes creativity, sharing, and innovation.
4. To inspire lifelong learning by integrating knowledge with technology and strengthening our establishment.


Integrity, Responsibility, Respect and Passion are the values that we cherish and adhere to in all respects of our dealings with our clients, associates and members of Mital Manufacturing Company family.

To strengthen our position in the world market as the most trusted supplier of top quality fancy shaped diamonds and to satisfy our client’s requirement within the world of diamonds.